Bibi Gefre is a photographer and fine artist.
She began taking photos for her sister's college graduation when the passion began as a teen! That's when she ventured on to pursue a Fine Arts Degree at the Tisch School of the Arts in NYU and the American College in Paris. With her love for music, painting and poetry, Bibi worked her style behind the camera with attention to detail and grace.

While in Asia, she published a book entitled "Stopover Paris", a series of sepia-toned photographs. Bibi works with film and digital cameras. But the love of the art gives her an all consuming passion to photograph people of all ages and backgrounds. Influenced by classical paintings and world travel, Bibi photographs in many forms, be it portraiture, documentary, nature, product, constructivism, etc.

Thoughts in notes from "Stopover Paris"

Still-life portraits offer the viewer with the chance to create their own magic of conceptualizing the works. But the decision to produce a timeless experience can only survive when one perceives with a tendency for discovery. A game of controlling the frame develops life's soundless truth and the remembrances of this special choreog raphy permanently capture the survival of time and history.

Time predicts the moods of laughter and tears only in clues for the eye to record. Seconds melted in a frame design the colors, the music of emotions and surprises dances with the question of what should be noted and remembered while an inter-play of lighting completes the aura of a moment's request.

What may be foreign becomes familiar in strength and innocence.

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